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Financial Reporting Services

  • Provide guidance related to posting financial transaction as requested
  • Produce six automated Year-to-Date financial reports (using Annual Financial Report formatting) –
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Statement of Activities
    • Statement of Cash Flows
    • Budgetary Comparison Schedule
    • Schedule of Expense
    • Schedule of Capital Assets
  • Produce six automated monthly financial management reports –
    • Administrative Cost Ratio
    • Budget Report by Quarter
    • Budget Report by Month
    • Budget to Actual Variance Report using Monthly Activity
    • Budget to Actual Variance Report using Cumulative Year-to-Date Activity
    • Actual to Budget Report with Forecast through End-of-Year
  • Provide customized rule based review and validation of financial data resulting in exception reporting
  • Produce key financial indicators to measure the financial health and solvency of the organization
  • Repeatable processing of reports to include prior period changes or year-end audit adjustments
  • Repeatable processing of reports can be reproduced on any available accounting period
  • Personal review of monthly reports via telephone or e-mail as requested
  • Provide ability to include in reports any pending adjustments to budget and actual data for monthly/quarterly/annual approval
  • Provide additional customized management reports as requests